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Local files not downloading on spotify iphone

Local files not downloading on spotify iphone

Hi there,


I had a software problem recently and went to get it fixed. After getting back my phone, I downloaded back my apps, Spotify being one of them. I have a playlist made from my local files on my Spotify web player. After reinstalling Spotify I downloaded back all of my playlists but unfortunately the playlist made from the local files are not being downloaded back. It kept on saying 'waiting to download' but they are not downloading.


I have 

1. Reinstalled Spotify few times

2. Did a force shut down

3. Log out and log in 


But to no avail.


What else can I do to get them to download?


Thank you!

5 Replies

Try using the desktop application to do this. When downloading local files to your phone, make sure that both the phone and the desktop/laptop are on the same network connection.

As @markwatneyy said, ensure your iPhone and the device with the songs locally saved are connected to the same network connection.

Also, if you would like a comprehensive guide on the exact steps required to listen to your local music, Spotify has one here:

Please let us know if you need any more help! Happy listening 🙂



I have added the local files through the Spotify Web Player, and made sure that both devices are on the same network. They are still not downloading on my Iphone.

Hi there,


I have followed the instructions based on the link given but unfortunately it is still not working. Can it be because of the ios?


Could you try adding the local files through the desktop app instead of the web player? (Download here: I know that I'm able to add local files on the desktop app and then add them to my iPod. Let me know how it goes!

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