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Local files not playing in offline playlists

Local files not playing in offline playlists



I have a premium account, use a MacBook Pro and have an iPhone 5s.


My issue is this: I have a lot of local files that i can play via Spotify on my laptop with no issues. I have some of these local files, along with songs found on Spotify,  in playlists that are marked 'Available Offline'. If i listen to the Playlist on my laptop, again, i can listen to everything no problem.


Spotify recognises my device (over Wifi, NOT recognised over USB) and syncs my playlists no problem - on my iPhone i can see all my tracks, in all the playlists i have created.


My issue is when i listen to my playlists on my device, the songs that were synced as local files (all songs that aren't available on Spotify) appear as if they are playing, but there is no sound at all and sometimes they appear greyed out.


I have searched the forum but this specific problem I cannot find a solution to.


Thanks in advance



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I know its a pain but would you be able to try a clean reinstallation of the mobile application? 

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