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Local files not syncing on iPhone

Local files not syncing on iPhone


First of all I had a lot of trouble trying to find where to start a new topic so come on please but a big fat button right on the home page it shouldn’t be this hard to start a new topic. And I still don't know if I am posting this in the right place.


Now on to the problem. So when searching Spotify Community I found multiple solutions to my exact problem but it doesn’t work because it was solved 6 years ago and things have changed. 


I have local files on Spotify on my MacBook Air desktop app and they play there fine. When trying to play them on my iPhone they are grayed out. I have tried downloading them on the computer and on the phone, I created a new playlist, and I turned on the local files button on the phone as well as the computer in order to get them there in the first place. I also made sure there is no firewall blocking it, and even when the firewall is turned on it still allows Spotify to do it. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to play them on my phone. If anyone knows how to do it please help me!


Also, please don’t just attach the link for this problem that is already solved on here because that doesn’t work anymore lol. 


I am on the same wifi for both devices as well, everything is up to date. Right now i’m convinced it’s impossible to do this. If anyone knows anything let me know! 


Thank you!

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You don't have to download them on your mac. You have to tap the download button on your iPhone for the playlist that contains the local files. Also Spotify app on the mac has to be open at the same time and both devices have to be connected to the same wifi (public, business, campus wifis probably won't work because the devices can't see each other in the network.

Also make sure Local Files setting is turned on in iPhone's Spotify settings (Settings->Local Files).

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