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Local files on computer but not on phone?

Local files on computer but not on phone?

I recetly downloaded some unoffical songs and mixes from my computer to my Spotify account. They appear in the "Local Files" area, as well as the playlist I added them to but only on my laptop. The songs show up in the same playlist on my phone but are grey and won't play. The playlist also says "Waiting to download." Waiting for what? The songs are there and I'm connected to wifi. If anyone has resovled a similar issue, I'd be more than happy to hear how.

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Do you have the playlist marked as an offline playlist on your phone?

I have the playlist switched to "Download" on both my computer and my phone. Is that different from offline mode?

No yeah it's the same as downloaded. It's just if it wasn't it would be the reason, uhm

try troubleshooting from this thread,

WOW. Thank you so much for finding that! I guess public wifi doesn't work; it needs to be private. Unfortunately, I can't remedy this any time soon but I'll get back to you if it works.

Glad to help, and yes please do if you get it working 🙂

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