Local files will not sync to iphone


I am currently running:

Spotify 7.5.1 on my iPhone 5 6.1.3

Spotify 9.1.57 on Windows 7

I currently have 9.1 GB of free space.


I just got Spotify premium because I love the desktop verson. I wanted to be able to have all my music in one place.

I can not get my local files to sync to my iphone. I want all the music I have in my iTunes to sync to my mobil spotify. Yes I can just listen to them on my music app but I want to be able to get new music through starring on my desktop and iphone. I am able to get my starred songs to sync, and my itunes playlists to sync. I DO NOT want to have to make a playlist of my local files, I want all of my music to be under one library. When I try to sync, my iphone connects and then my local files sit at the "Pending" status.


Any ideas?


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Hey there, if you Star all the local files you want to sync, they'll go right into your regular Starred list and should sync that way. Make sure your iPhone is showing under Devices too - if it's not, local files won't sync.


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