Local files won't sync on Iphone 5

Local files won't sync on Iphone 5

This is unbelievebly frustrating. I am connected to the same WiFi for my iPhone and computer, my firewall alows spotify, and the files are mp3. They show in the playlist on my iphone but they stay faded gray and I can't play them. I've synced local files to my iPhone before and had almost no trouble.

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I have the same issue. I have had spotify for over a year, and could sync playlists to play offiline. After the latest update which I did 2 days ago, the playlist do not sync. I have 2 phones a iPhone 4s and a an iPhone 5. The 4s has the latest update where I have the issues. The iPhone 5 does not have the update and has no issues at all.


Am I the only one?

Hey guys, do your iPhones show up under Devices inside Spotify on desktop?


@ytee37 - if one iPhone works and one doesn't, is it the case that only one is showing under Devices?


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