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Local music, itunes music and playlist keep appearing in spotify

Local music, itunes music and playlist keep appearing in spotify

Here is the thing, in spotify l unchecked the 3 boxes Music, Downloads and iTunes (preference-local files-show tracks from these sources). I unckecked these boxes cause l dont want spotify as a mediaplayer or replace iTunes in any way, just want to stream and find music l want to listen to (as this was spotify main purpose years ago)
Can someone please explain me why everytime l start up spotify, all my itunes music and itunes playlist still appear in the "local music" section? Each time l restart spotify all 3 the boxes are checked again by default, an itunes playlist appears and spotify starts 'syncing' my whole itunes library.
I don't know how to put this mildly, but NO, NO and NO again..l do not want spotify to mix or mingle in anyway with my personal musiclibrary, I AM TRULY SICK OF SPOTIFY TRYING TO BLEND IN YOUR PERSONAL STUFF (facebook account requirement years ago;changed again thank god - radion stations appear on my account because they THINK l might like it?!) but this; having my whole system slowed down just because Spotify insists on playing music l imported in itunes is just ridicule.
Apple (iOs, itunes) does not want you guys to have any part in their operating system, that is clear by now. But how Spotify brutally forces it's way into your personal libraries (even though this is presented as an option not a must) is just a huge annoyance.
Fix this, the option that makes users decide if they want spotify to blend in itunes and other music libraries IS NOT WORKING. Fix this option and let people decide themselves how far you guys can go in their private life, don't force your way into it like some cheap service on its way down, trying to save its last breath.
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Nice, if pointless rant. What operating system are you using on your desktop? If your changes to spotify's preferences aren't saving, it sounds like it is unable to write to the settings file - do you have admin rights?

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