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Logged off as soon as iphone has no network

Logged off as soon as iphone has no network

Iphone 4S running IOS6 (yeah, that £$^%£6$)


Scenario1: I start to listen to my offline playlists when the phone is online at home or on the street. Then without quitting the app I enter to the tube (no network) and keep listening.


Scenario2: I enter the tube (when no network), once the phone is offline or in airplane mode I open spotify and try to listen to some offline playlists.


In scenario 1 everything goes well..I'm able to listen offline music.

In Scenario2, as soon as I open spotify it takes me to the login screen...


This wasn't happening on IOS5...I know I made a huge mistake by upgrading to that crap, even though I still need help as I pay premium mostly because of scenario2, meaning as soon as I'm on the tube I realize I want to start listening my music...





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