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Hi, I am currently using free Spotify and have been doing so for the past 2 years on my PC and iPhone 7 Plus. Recently, I went on holiday to Vietnam for 12 days and the first thing I noticed when I tried to open Spotify on my first day there, is that Spotify had already logged me out of my account for being abroad for 14 days. I did not think much of it at first and I just ended up not using Spotify throughout my holiday which was a little annoying but no something very important. However, when I arrived in the UK, I noticed that when I launched the Spotify website to change my country it was all in German. Luckily, I am half German and I could easily change my country back to UK but I still don't understand why it was German in the first place. Anyway, my issue is that even after I changed my country back to UK and tried changing my password, whenever I try to log in to my account on my PC desktop app or the Spotify app on iOS it still tells me that I need to change my country. Surprisingly though I am still able to easily log in and out of my account on the Spotify website. 


P.S I have abroad many times for over 14 days but I have never been asked to change my country or log back in to my account before- even when I use it consistently while I am abroad.

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