Love Spotify..but...


Spotify is great, I love the Desktop app, but I rearly use my desktop anymore, now it is mostly either my Iphone or Ipad and this is where my biggest complaint is...


Why is the app so bad? There is no real Ipad app and the Iphone app look crapy - imagine how great it would be if you had the same interface 8more or less) as on the desktop version... even better in a real Ipad app.... It would be nice to see more new music, maybe get suggestion of other bands etc. from what you are listening to etc...


Is there an updated app on the way - maybe one for the Ipad??



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As far as I know, Spotify is considering an iPad app, but at the moment, there are no definite plans for one.  As far as other updates, I couldn't say for sure, however, you might want to take a look at this thread:  There you can see the status of various ideas, and whether or not they are being planned.

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