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Making your Facebook account into a spotify account only?

Making your Facebook account into a spotify account only?

I want to delete, not deactivate, my Facebook profile. I first used spotify using my Facebook info. Am I able to continue using Spotify without spotify? I seem to only be able to login when I log into Facebook. Help!
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When you create a account with your facebook, you create a account like anyone else, the only difference is that you did it in a simple way, you allowed facebook give Spotify your informations (that's why you have to allow facebook give your informations when you create a account anywhere) , if you don't want to create your spotify account with your facebook you have to write manually all your data, what i'm trying to explain is, if you delete your facebook account, spotify won't be able to connect since that you won't be able to connect on your facebook (because you deleted it). But you can delete your spotify account whenever you want, including if you have premium account (remember that you will loose everything), then when you delete it, create a spotify account but remember that you won't be able to create with facebook but after creating the account you can always connect your spotify account to facebook (that's only to find friends).Hope I have helped.

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To disconnect from Facebook, please follow the steps in this topic.
Please keep in mind that it's not an official supported workaround.

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