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Match Local Files to Spotify

Match Local Files to Spotify


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I have over 1,000 local songs in my iTunes catalog that I'd like to "convert" to Spotify so I'm able to listen to them anywhere. Is there a way to do that? So far I'm only able to add local files to the desktop app, but when I drag them to a playlist they don't appear on my mobile app.


I guess the logic would be:

Examine Local File > Is this available on Spotify? > If yes, create an entry in the playlist that uses the Spotify database.

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Hey @devin1229.


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Be sure to have all your devices connected to the same network. You could also enable "Show unavailable songs" in the settings on both your computer and mobile device.


You can then use these instructions to sync your local files from your desktop to your mobile device.


Hope it works! Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

I made an app exactly for this. Sorry for reviving old threads, but they are the ones to pop up when you search on Google, and I had to make my own tool because Spotify discontinued this service. Hope it's of use to other people searching for this exact thing!

Link to the tool's GitHub:

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