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Max song u can sync for offline list? (3528songs?)

Max song u can sync for offline list? (3528songs?)

Hey just bought a new ipod touch because old one was broken. Found out it cant sync more then 3528 songs for offline playlist. Is there away to sync the rest off the playlist.. have about 7000 songs in my playlist and can never listen to the newest ones i added the last year because off this problem.

I only bought a new one so could listen to all my songs offline when im out.. Anyone know how i can solve this? Thx in advance and merry Xmas btw :3

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You can only save a maximum of 3,333 songs per device. You could make a playlist for the newest songs you have added and listen to them that way but other than that you can't have more than 3,333 synced on your iPod at a time. It would be nice if Spotify synced your newest songs and deleted the oldest ones as time went by, but as of now it doesn't.

Hey there.


Max. Offline is 3333 at device, you can have max. 3 device with Offline. 3333 limit depends on time of your songs. Actual Offline may be lower than max. 3333.

So it doesnt help if i make a new playlist right? The limit is 3333 songs no matter if i have it in one playlist or several.. Think i know the answer but just asking 😕 (3333 songs on one device?)

The limit is 3333 per device. You can use Offline at 3 devices at time, so 9999 tracks can be downloaded for offline. The tracks you sync, they can be different, so you can download one big playlist to iPod, second big playlist to Macbook and 3rd big playlist into your home computer for example.

Unforunately it's 3,333 total per device. So it doesn't really matter how many playlists you have. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

If I have a playlsit with more than 3,333 songs, will it sync the 3,333 MOST RECENT tracks or the 3,333 OLDEST (i.e. first ones added) tracks?

@user-removed - As far as I am aware it will sync the 3,333 oldest (added to the playlist first).

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