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Mine won't work!

Mine won't work!

I ran out of free trial and downloaded the premium app. On the iPhone! Still getting the "must be a premium member to play music message
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I can see that you started the 48-hour trial. You don't need to download anything else, as the apps are always the same.


Have you subscribed to Premium ?

is it at all possible to get spotify on your itunes?? my friend has the free version and she can get it but i cannot ๐Ÿ˜ž this is soooo frusterating!


Have you logged in the app using correct set of credentials (username and password) that you have an active premium subscription?

You can check information from here


Select the right path - click on Facebook credentials if you use Facebook credentials to log in

and select Spotify if you use old style credentials to log in...

Verify that you have an active subscription


Mobile devices require active Premium subscription to work.


You can't get Spotify in iTunes to my knowledge, but you can get your iTunes library imported to Spotify and then synced as offline playlist.

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