Mini Cooper Spotify freezing


Mini Cooper Spotify freezing

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I’m having issues with Spotify freezing in my Mini Cooper S 2018. 

I have to plug my phone in using the usb cable to use the spotify app built into the car and see album art and switch playlists etc. once its all connected and working it could be working for 10-20 mins , there is no set time. Then if i change track the album art will stay on the previous song, the timer bar along the bar will be stuck a few seconds in and the song title and artist will not be the same as A) the song playing b) the album art . and there is nothing i can press to clear it, i have to unplug the phone and connect it again.  My iPhone and Spotify app are up to date. has any one else had this issue???

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Re: Mini Cooper Spotify freezing

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Having the exact same problem with Bluetooth in my Bmw. But it only works for 40 seconds and then I have to restart the car