Missing music - 'Do What U Want' Cover

Missing music - 'Do What U Want' Cover

Hi all,


I recently had one music file removed from my "My Music" list and was wondering why it was removed. It was a cover to "Do what U want" by Lady Gaga and featured a duet between a guy and girl, performed in acoustic piano style. I did not get the artists' names unfortunately.


I would appreciate it if someone could:


  1. Provide me with a list of songs recently removed from the Spotify music catalog so I can find out who the artists are, or
  2. Provide me with the name of the artists if you happen to know who it is.


I really enjoyed this song and am devastated at the idea that I may never hear it again. I love Spotify and appreciate any help I can get.


Jeff Khau

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Unfortunately I believe that Spotify doesn't disclose this information. Maybe they will return shortly. 

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Hey Jeff,

Was the cover a locally saved file or was it on Spotify's catalog?

If it was on Spotify's catalog, it's likely that that song was taken down or made unavailable in your country for copyright or some other reasons. It's possible that it will be made available again in the near future, but I would recommend you download that version of "Do What You Want" to your computer locally, and then throw it into Your Music or some other playlist of your choosing in Spotify. Then connect your phone to the same Wifi as your computer, and mark the playlist you put the song in for offline access. You should be able to play the song from your phone again that way!

By the way, you can confirm if the track was removed from the catalog by clicking "Edit" and then "Preferences" in your desktop client, then scrolling down to the "Playback" section. By unchecking "hide unplayable tracks" you should be able to see a grayed out version of the song where it usually would be.

@jkhau music arrangements and licensing with record labels can be complex. Music is being added every single day and its due to a large complexity of factors, even including the influence of the artist.

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