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[Mobile][Your Library] Multiple Profiles under one user (like Netflix and Disney Plus)

[Mobile][Your Library] Multiple Profiles under one user (like Netflix and Disney Plus)

Similar to Netflix and Disney Plus, it would be great to have the option to add multiple profiles under one username. That way brother’s love for KPOP doesn’t affect my suggested songs nor Spotify curated playlists. At the moment, it looks like I’m a huge fan of BTS and NCT127 when it’s actually my little brother taking control of my Spotify in the car! So if I could add a profile to switch between mine and his as and when,  it wouldn’t impact my Spotify algorithm! Thank you 

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You should check out Spotify Premium Family plan. Under one plan 6 different people can each have their own account independent of each other. You can learn more about it here.


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Your response doesn’t consider her suggestion. Because I recently subscribed to the family plan just so my daughter can use her own profile and stop affecting my profile. 


Because, still, in December of 2022, Spotify has not offered a simple “Netflix/Disney+” style option of toggling between profiles. I see threads on this forum suggesting this, almost industry standard at this point, solution going back to 2017. But still, not available?


Spotify, why do you spend so much resources on the “years end”,  “made for you” playlists and subsequent marketing of those if you, after so many years of customer’s behest, STILL offer no simple or user friendly solution to switch between profiles?! Because all those playlists are for many of your users is a gross reminder of the inability of us or our family members that we PAY EXTRA FOR, to switch between profiles and therefore our once enjoyable custom playlists are just almost identical playlists to the crappy ones my kid listens to. 

Here I am, trying to support Artists and all the industry involved, trying to teach my kid that even though we can have this music for free, it’s the right thing to do to support through streaming, seeing live shows, purchasing physical music and merchandise, etc.. Here I am, paying extra so my daughter can have her own profile and therefore not have to listen to me complaining about how her streaming jacks my algorithm..and it’s ridiculously inconvenient to log on and off in between accounts to even use the darn thing. I’m driving almost all of the time I’m using Spotify. So it makes it unusable. 


Im surprised. Until trying to offer my kiddo her own account and suffering the incredible difficulty in using two accounts, I’ve been happy with the service, the app, upgrades, etc.. All the time , not blinking at subscription price increases. But this is different. Definitely an issue that I have a hard time understanding how it possibly still exists. 

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