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Moving Local Files

Moving Local Files

I have Spotify Premium on my Windows PC, an iPad and iPhone 5S. My PC shows all my local files properly as (essentially) my iTunes music folder, which is fine. However, for some reason, my iPad shows 125 Local Files, and my iPhone shows 75 Local Files, that I would like to "move" into my personal playlist. Is there a way to move my local files into my master playlist?

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On the desktop version under collections there should be a thing called local files.Select that and it should show all your local files on the computer create a playlist to put the files in before you do this. Now select one of the local files and hit cntrl+A to select all the files. Then drag them into the playlist you created and on your other devices Spotify will try to match as meny songs in it's library to yours. Then you can sync them offline. Just be aware if a song is not in spotify's library it won't show up on your device.

Have a nice day hope this helps.

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