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Multiple device music handoff behavior, way to stop it?

Multiple device music handoff behavior, way to stop it?

so I run spotify at my desk (OSX) during work and on multiple iOS devices.  The behavior im trying to stop is where Im listening to something on the desktop version, then I leave and listen to something on my iOS device and when I get back to my desktop what I was listening to on my iPhone is now playing (or queued up) on the desktop.  I get the convenience of this hand-off behavior but Id like to turn it off.


Take a specific example, Im at my desk listening to something chill, low intensity (office setting obviously).  Then I leave for lunch and hit the gym with something obviously higher intensity, I come back and my office playlist has been replaced.  OK, not a huge deal, just queue up the old playlist.  But often times Im cruising through my discover weekly playlist on random and I dont want to start the playlist over as Im weeding though things.  when my iPhone is back on the network the playlist I was working through gets pushed aside along with my position within the playlist.


Anyway, can I toggle this off anywhere?

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I totally get what you are trying to do here. I have not seen such an option yet.

It might be worth suggesting that as a new idea!

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