Music Pausing after I hit "charge" on Shopify POS

Music Pausing after I hit "charge" on Shopify POS



I run Shopify POS on my ipad as well as spotify. They run together seamlessly most days but the last few days the music has started pausing everytime I go to process a payment. Specifically when I hit the "charge" button. Actually processing the payment has no effect, or any other button. 

Please help, the music turning off with a customer standing in front of me is not great! 

I restarted the Ipad. Re-installed the app. Restarted the Ipad. To no avail. 

Shopify and Spotify are up to date and the Ipad is as well. 


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Found a potential solution to this. If you go into your "Shopify POS > Store > Settings > Use audio jack for card reader" and turn this off it should fix the problem. After updates, just check to make sure this setting hasn't been re-enabled automatically. You'll probably have to restart your POS device just to be sure.

Thank you!  This has been driving us bonkers!  Fingers crossed it solves
the problem.

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