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Music Shuffling Issue

Music Shuffling Issue



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For some reason all of my playlists and music are shuffling as if it's a radio. I can't listen to any artist whenever I want because it treats it like a radio, giving me the option to like or dislike a track. My queue is gone, as well. When I look up a song in the "search" section, it doesn't let me play it either. It just plays...other artists "similar" (note, it's not similar in the slightest) to what I'm trying to listen to.


I spent two hours asking around for advice and looking through my settings and the forum but yet I cannot find a fix for this. Please help! I have study playlists that I have to listen to because it helps me focus, and I can't access them when I need them or it plays heavy metal when I need soft piano. :'(

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