Music being added to my playlist???


Music being added to my playlist???

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So I've noticed recently that I play music constantly from a few different playlists that I have created, as well as some that I just follow. What seems to be weird is that after I play music from any of my other playlists, the songs I listen to get added to one of my created playlist Pegboard Radio on their own, with no input from myself. I then have to go through that playlist and delete the added songs because I am pretty happy with what is in it without all of the other songs that are added in. It doesn't matter what playlist I'm listening to before, but whatever has been listened to gets added to Pegboard. I dont know if I set that up or if it is a glitch in the system, but it is getting a little bit frustrating.




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iOS12, Windows 10


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This might be happening because of how the playlist was originally started. If you started the playlist from scratch, songs won’t be automatically added to it. If the playlist was started from a “liked” song, this might be the reason why this is happening. 

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The playlist got started from listening to radios and adding to a brand new playlist from there, and something I've noticed is that it only changes when I'm listening on my computer, not my phone. Even when I am listening to that playlist, whatever song is being listened to gets moved to the top of it