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Music playing problem

Music playing problem

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  1. Iphone x

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(iOS 12)


Why when i play song on my playlists it plays fine but when i look up an artist it only plays that one song and when i click on the next button it comes back to the same song im order to listen to more of the artist’s music is my by me clicking on a new one once one ends



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Hi, @Jesusalvarado21 , hope you're doing well!


First of all, are you sure that your repeat button isn't on? It looks like a small loop of arrows to the right of the play/pause button. Make sure it is gray, not any type of green. 

If you want to listen to the songs in the order they appear, make sure your shuffle is off, too. 


Secondly, to find more songs from an artist, you might have to find a playlist or album of their songs. You can do this by going to the tab, 'Artist', and clicking play or shuffle or going to the tab 'Albums' or 'Playlists' and choosing one you like. 


I hope this helped! 

My repeat button and shuffle are both off this problem started like a week ago out if nowhere and yea i can look up the artis and do that i just wanted to know if there was a way to fix the problem

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