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Music randomly paused on iPhone

Music randomly paused on iPhone


Plan: Premium

Country: Netherlands


Device: iPhone 11

Operating System: iOS 13.3


My Question or Issue: Since I have my iPhone 11 Spotify randomly pauses after a few seconds of playing a song. Sometimes it works for an hour or 2, and then it starts pausing again. It does not matter whether I play music on my phone, via Airpods, Bluetooth Speaker. It does not matter whether I use WiFi or 4G. There is no one else using my account. It also does not skip to the next song - it just stops playing.

This is really annoying and I really home someone can help me find the solution to this problem! When I had my previous iPhone (8Plus) I had no issues. 


2 Replies

Have the same issue on my iPhone XS Max. Never used to happen on my Google Pixel 2 XL.

My iphone10 just did the automatic update to IOS 13.3 and since then, when I play any of my playlists on shuffle it stops after about 4 songs and goes to some random song (not on any of my playlists). It also sometimes stops and says it’s still playing but on someone else’s phone (no one I know). I tried deleting Spotify and reloading (latest update) but didn’t fix it.

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