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Music skips when listening offline w Apple Watch 6

Music skips when listening offline w Apple Watch 6

During offline listening, my Apple Watch 6 skips randomly.  it can be up to 5-10 times each song, enough to be annoying.  If I connect the Apple Watch to my iPhone or to a hotspot from another iPhone,  I don't have this problem.  I have tried to re-download my playlists and i'm still having the same issue.  i didn't have this issue when the offline listening feature was enabled during the summer but started  this i started seeing this about a month ago.  Anyone else having this issue?  Anything suggestions to try?  Thanks.

Things that i have tried:

- Rebooted Spotify and Apple Watch

- Re-downloaded Spotify app on my iPhone

- Tried various playlists downloaded to Apple Watch


iPhone 12, iOS 15.1

Apple Watch 6, 8.3

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I have this problem also.


Apple watch info:

Model: A2474

watch OS Software Version: 8.6 (191572)


When I play the playlist from my phone, but using my watch, no issues, no songs skipped


When I play the downloaded playlist from my watch, not using my phone, it skips some songs.


I have deleted the entire downloaded list from my watch.

I have restarted my watch

I have re-downloaded the playlist to my watch.

Nothing has helped.  


There are 35 songs on the playlist I have issues with.  I have a playlist with the max of 50 songs that doesn't appear to have the issue.  There are playlists with less songs that don't appear to have the issue.


I might go make a new playlist containing mostly the songs that get skipped and see what happens.  I haven't tried that yet.


It would be nice if there was some way to find out why songs are being skipped.  Maybe an error log that could be retrieved.  But it would just be nice if the songs were not skipped 🙂

Yep, that's exactly the problem i've been having...

Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community. Sorry for the delayed reply, we just stumbled upon this thread.


@jttran1, just to confirm, are you still experiencing this issue? If so, could you let us know if this is happening with all your playlists or only with a specific one? Also, we'd like to know if this started happening after a specific event such as an update.


@PeteCIS, would you mind checking if the OS of your watch has any pending updates? On another note, could you create a new playlist containing less songs, but including the ones that are always skipped to check if the same happens?


We'll be on the lookout.

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I have this problem consistently too. I download the “2000s Mix” to my watch but it just skips over half of the songs when I try to go for a run. Similar to other playlists too. Any advice?

I tried various things while working w Spotify support to address this
issue. However, the one that i thought really fixed the problem was the
issue with having multiple accounts linking with the same email address. I
had a Facebook created free account and a Premium for Family account using
the same email address. After having Spotify closing the FB account and
re-downloading the offline playlists, it worked much better than before.
I'm not going to say the problem was completely fixed but it's tolerable.
It's now skipping once every 90sec or more.

Hopefully, this helps. Good luck.

I have a brand new Apple Watch, and I have premium Spotify- this same issue is happening to me and it’s very frustrating. I'm a runner, and the whole purpose of getting an apple watch is so I can run without my iphone. Some of my playlists will skip certain songs. I've tried deleting the playlists and redownloading, closing out Spotify and reopening, shutting off the watch and restarting- nothing works. Super frustrating. on a side note- not a fan of re-doing all my longer playlists to be 50 songs or less- this rule doesn't make any sense. Actually I'm not even sure why I need to download these playlists to listen when not near my phone. Since I'm paying monthly for phone/data service on my watch, shouldn't we be able to just stream Spotify as we do on our phones? I wish actual runners/outdoor workout people worked for you when thinking of these rules. Considering cancelling Spotify over it.

Spotify refuses to fix the issue. I grew frustrated enough to just end up switching to Apple Music. 

I ended up just switching to Apple Music.

Same problem here. Just skipping a lot of musics of my downloaded playlist. Frustrating. I too buy Apple Watch to run without smartphone.


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