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Music stop playing when making an instagram story

Music stop playing when making an instagram story

I use my Spotify’s music as background for my stories, but since I got an iPhone 7 every time I try to make a story, music stops playing every time I push the record button.

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Hey @BrunoDR1! This may be a bug or a glitch when you use two apps at the same time. This bug may be permanent because of some apps (like games) will not allow you to use your own background music while playing music at the same time. 

If you want your own background music, use another device that is compatible with Spotify. Thank you for your understanding and happy holidays!


Hello! I’m sorry to here that you’re having a problem with your music. 


I just tried to play music from Spotify while recording for an Instagram story with my iPhone 8 Plus and it worked, so I’m thinking that the issue is coming from a glitch within Instagram. Sometimes this happens in other apps like Snapchat. 


However, something that might work is this: try turning your phone off and restarting it. Then, open Spotify and play your music. From there, open Instagram and try recording for your story.


I hope this helps!


This just started happening to me yesterday too. I can’t play any music off of any music app and record a story at the same time. I think it’s an Instagram problem because it happened after their update. 

I’m in the same boat!  It just started happening to me too, 2 days ago.  It’s driving me crazy.  I think it must’ve been an update to the app? Can it get fixed?  I’d like to play my Spotify music and take an insta story video please!

Same here. Since i changed my iphone to XS

the problem is quite new to the connunity. Didnt find a fix yet

I have this problem on my XR as well, didn't have it a week ago, I think it's from an update, I hope it's a bug/glitch and not a "feature"


I often play music in my car or speakers via Bluetooth and make instagram stories, I can't do this anymore, and the music feature from instagram  doesn't really cut it for these sorts of videos, hope they revert it soon

I have an iPhone 7+ and this was happening to me too. Deleted Instagram app. Restarted phone. Redownloaded Instagram. It’s working now, so far. Hopefully it keeps working. 

It's the same with me! And rally driving me crazy.


I tried it on three other phones. One 5S and Pixel 2XL don't have such problem.


Another iPhone 7 has the same problem like us. All of them should be up to date...


I am waiting and hope soon to have the solution for it.


EDIT: I just saw that there is a new instagram update and this is fixed to me! 🙂

Hello everyone

Updates came today, by itself. I did nothing and now it works. It seems
that Instagram is sorting this out without bothering answering people on
issues. Just be patient and the update will come to you too

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