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Music stops or song skips when in pocket

Music stops or song skips when in pocket







Iphone 13 mini

Operating System

iOS 15.4


So I used an android phone before and it was never an issue, I thought it is a touchscreen issue with the iphone but then again I disabled raise to wake and touch to wake, and it also never happens with any other apps, so it is a spotify issue.


Whenever I listen to music and the phone is my hand, I can shake it, touch the screen, anything this issue never comes up, but as soon as I put my phone to my pocket after a few minutes it  the music randomly stops and starts and skips to next track. I am paying for premium and I see it is an issue that persists for years so please suggest something or I have to decline my subscription as it won’t be good for anything.


Also it is a new phone, clean install of spotify but I reinstalled and restarted the phone, nothing changed. 


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Has a solution to this problem been found? My spotify has started doing this a few weeks ago. It's getting to the point I'll be going with an other service or change to an Android phone. I've just asked a group of people and they all have the same issue. All iPhone users using different types of headphones, wired, bluetooth etc. I have followed all the steps above, reinstalled app, restarted phone, deleted cache, checked battery settings. I also notice voice control turns on sometimes too even though I have it switched off in settings. Any chance Apple are sabotaging spotify users to make them use Apple Music?

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