Music stops playing on Sonos when starting Spotify app on iOs device


Music stops playing on Sonos when starting Spotify app on iOs device

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iPhone XR, iPad (2017)

Operating System

iOs 12.2


My Question or Issue

Regularly (but not always) the music playing from Spotify on my Sonos speakers (through Spotify Connect) stops playing when I open the Spotify app on my iOs devices. Sometimes it shows the 'Continue with...' screen, which lets you choose you want to open Spotify and continue playing on Sonos. But in many cases I don't get this screen, music stops playing on all Sonos speakers and the Spotify app seems to indicate there's no connection to any speaker (icon white instead of green).


I then have to choose my Sonos speakers again and restart the music. Sometimes the album or playlist that was playing is still the current music in Spotify, although many times it starts at the beginning of the album/playlist again (which is very annoying if I was playing a large playlist on shuffle).


I have reinstalled my Sonos and Spotify apps on all devices. I always use the latest versions of the apps and I have the latest firmware on my Sonos speakers. I have logged out of the Spotify / Sonos accounts on the apps and logged in again. Both apps are set to refresh in the background on the iOs devices.


Can anyone think of any way to resolve this or have the same problem?

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I was having this problem, and in my case, it was due to a VPN-based ad blocker (AdGuard) running on the iPhone controller. Once I turned it off, the pausing stopped.

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If anyone else is having this issue: I kind of resolved it by toggling ON the setting in iOs that lets you control Spotify from the lock screen. I had this setting OFF because it messes up the volume on iOs (for example: when Spotify is playing in the background, you can't turn up the volume on sound effects because all the volume buttons do is turn up the music volume). Kind of stuck between two bugs now but strangely enough it seems not many people have this problem.