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Music won’t play on Apple Watch

Music won’t play on Apple Watch

When I try to play Spotify on my Apple Watch series 5, it will not play. It says to choose a device and it will only play on selected device. If there is no device selected it won’t play anything and won’t unpause. 
I’ve restarted the watch and reinstalled the app. Still happening. 😕




United States


(iPhone 8 Plus, Apple Watch Series 5)





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Hi did you get this resolved as I have same issue now?! 😞

Hey @Janiejoan and @Eihpos231,


Thanks for searching for the answer you need here.


Apologies for the delayed response, we just came across this thread. Just to make sure that we're on the same page - you were able to stream directly on your Apple Watch before, right? Please keep in mind that this feature is still in its testing phase and not yet available to all accounts. You can however use the smartwatch with Spotify Connect as explained here


If you we're able to stream directly on the Apple Watch before, could you give us a bit more info on the circumstances when this feature disappeared? Was it after a specific event, such as installing an update or a new app? 


Keep us posted, we'll keep an eye out for your replies. 

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Hiya thanks for your message. So all working fine and could play Spotify through my watch until yesterday I started a new pay monthly contract with Vodafone. I always have had Spotify as part of my pay monthly contract on an entertainment package so yesterday I started a new contract and chose Spotify again as part of my entertainment package. Then last night clicked on Spotify on my watch and then clicked on phone symbol bottom right of screen. Then on the next screen ‘play on a device’ there would usually be an option to click on Apple Watch but there isn’t! It’s now gone so I can’t now play anything on Spotify from my watch! Totally gutted as use it when I’m running. I have tried everything including a clean reinstall of the app and deleting cache. Can anyone help please? Thanks so much 

Hi there @Eihpos231


Thanks for sending us this info. 


Another thing you can try is un-pairing your Apple Watch from your iPhone via Bluetooth and then reconnecting them to check if the issue is still there.


Also, we suggest that you check if your Premium subscription is already active in your Account page


Keep us posted on how it goes.

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