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My Desktop App Doesnt show 'Devices' Section and cannot sync my iphone

My Desktop App Doesnt show 'Devices' Section and cannot sync my iphone

Hi there. I have had this problem for over a month.


The desktop app doesn't sisplay usual ' DEVICES' section at all, so I cannot 'hand pick' playlists for my iphone as the app doesn't see it at all!


I have tried:


Reinstalling both Iphone and Desktop App

Removing Iphone from Devices via account settings ( cannot add it back on as the DEVICES section is gone) 

Restarting . upgrading etc , many times


I want to mention my iphone is in the same Wireless Network. 



I cannot find the solution anywhere, It's frustrating paying for the service i am not receiving.


I was wondering if anyone has the same issues.




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I am having the same issues....very frustrating...just upgrade my ipad and still can't find the device listed anywhere on the spotify desktop....sure which someone would help us here, very frustrating...also some songs are not syncing on my playlist, this is VERY frustrating as I am a cycle instructor and need my playlists to work in my classes!

I'm experiencing the same thing. I had no problem with it a few software upgrades ago. They must've changed something. Extremely frustratin paying for something and not even being able to listen to you favorite songs.

The devices section will be coming back in a future update.


In the meantime:
You won't be able to see an indication in the desktop client that the device is paired with the desktop client. But as long as they both are on the same WiFi network you should be able to trigger the local files sync by toggling the offline toggle on the playlist on your device. Just make sure that the local files are in a playlist of their own so that this will work.

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This still doesn't allow me to download any of my own songs into playlists.

I have just cancelled my spotify account as I didn't see the reply. Has anyone tried this solution? 

If it works i might reinstale mya ccount. BTW I have asked for a refund for the time i was not able to use premium. Was anyone ever successful?


Thanks for this, just cancelled my subsription but I hope that since I paid for another months i will be able to use premium and see if this works, 

I wanted to add I have removed my iphone from the linked devices,as I planned on re-adding it hoping this would help. 

Do you know if that matters at all?


Aslo, have you heard of anyone being successful with the refunds? Spotify seem to be unresonsive on my cs submitted forms.


Thank you

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