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My Iphone isn't recognized under devices

My Iphone isn't recognized under devices

My iphone isn't recognized under the devices tab. Im on the same wifi for both my computer and phone and it still wont connect. I also can't play local files on my phone. They work fine on the computer but show up gray in my phone. Id really like this fixed because the local files I have downloaded are songs spotify doesn't have (from soundcloud). Any help would be awesome.

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Hi. If your mobile doesn't show under "devices" in the desktop client, you won't be able to synch local files so let's try and get this sorted. Could you try the following steps:


  • Temporarily disable all firewalls, anitvirus and other security programmes on your PC
  • Check that UPnP is enabled in the router settings
  • Restart your router


If your phone now appears under "devices" you can re-enable the programmes you disabled but will need to make sure they allow spotify through.

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