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My Spotify keeps connecting with other people's devices I don't know

My Spotify keeps connecting with other people's devices I don't know

very often (up to 10 times a day) my music cuts off and another device is connected (someone else's music and someone else's phone / desktop). and so everywhere, at home, on the street, in the store. I didn’t log into my account anywhere and the devices are not familiar to me (my login is through AppleID). in the settings, even access to the local network for the application is closed, but this does not help. There is nothing in the device list until the music stops. then you have to go into the devices and delete manually
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Sometimes on public networks or VPNs, other users can control your device through Spotify connect. Although rare, I've seen it happen.

If you're not on a public network or VPN, someone may have access to your account. Please follow this guide to recover your account.





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I have exactly the same issue. Happens constantly and drives me insane. On the verge of deleting Spotify because it is so annoying. I’ve done what people suggest and signed out of all devices etc but still happens about twenty times a day. Nothing on Google helps 👎🏼

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