My spotify premium wont work

My spotify premium wont work

I have a prepaid subscripiton with a premium subscription when i registered with it. I followed the steps and i used my phone number linked with my facebook account to have it avail the premium service.
My mobile phone is an iphone and my mobile carrier is from globe telecommunications
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Hi DDynames,

That's not such a great start on your Spotify service.


Did you apply via your carrier or directly via the Spotify website?


If it's the latter and you are unable to login I advice you to contact Spotify Support on


You will get an email asking you to ask the community first but you should reply to that email (even if it sais you can't!)


If you applied through your carrier I would advise to go to their support first, they might be able to help you in the process.


Good luck and let us know if this works:)

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