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Spotify, what have you done? This new update is really, really bad. I'm just gonna go through my problems and see if other people are experiencing the same thing:


1) Albums- Brooooo, so I go onto Albums, and half of them are gone? What? Because I've saved songs from albums and not the whole album, the album is missing from the lists, including saved songs.  Furthermore, I don't know what i want to play or remember half of the albums that I have until I scroll down the list. Thats not possible anymore now, is it?  Also, if i leave my device ONLINE and decide to play an album, the whole album plays, even songs that I haven't saved. If I don't like a song from an album, thus I didn't save it, why do i have to listen to it now??? 


2) Artists- So only the artists you follow are in alphabetical, and the other half that you don't are randomly assigned? Fix that, I'm legit begging now. Also, when I click on an artist, not only do the songs that I've saved show up, but also the songs (from the same album) that I haven't saved. Again, I didn't like the song, and thus didn't save it... why is it forced on me now? I don't want to have to follow all the unfollowed artists, because my main followed artists are the ones that i want updates from... but if I don't follow them, then its so confusing to navigate where they are (filter box aside). 


3) Recently played has disappeared? You know what to do, thanks. 


Personally, I just want the missing half of my music back and this update to revert back to the way it was please. This was seriously a bad decision. I'm very confused and actually quite upset at the lack of order and sheer general confusion of the interface. 


Ngl, this whole switching does have me looking at apple music now, and I've only satyed for so long because spotify is what I know and I appreciate the care that you guys put in to mkae sure that the customer has such a persoanlised experience. 


Please give us back the old spotify. 



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