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Never-ending Offline issue feedback

Never-ending Offline issue feedback

Premium member here. My cable company fixed my home wireless today and it is lightning fast. It's so great to finally have a fast connection! But Spotify still constantly goes offline. Customer service keep giving people the same useless info which does nothing to fix the problem. Cancelling my account here because this has been happening to customers for years and they still do  nothing ab out it.

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Hey there @Theothistle, welcome to the community!


Thanks for reaching out! Would you mind sharing more details of the suggestions you've tried so far? What OS and Spotify version are you on? Which Spotify client do you use (eg. desktop, android etc). 


It can help identify the issue faster and troubleshoot it more successfully 😃


Let us know!

Happy New Year! 



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I see that this problem has been going on for years, with other users. This is what I do not understand. Why wouldn't Spotify try to correct this? Spotify on my iPhone 6 is constantly crashing. It is connected to my Macbook Air, while I am trying to download my songs to the iPod. 

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the iOS Spotify app on my iPod.

I have Offline turned off on the iPod.

The app crashes every 15 seconds, and the download starts all over again each time. Spotify iOS app desktop app

Mac OS 10.11.6


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