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New Sonos Queue Issue w/ Spotify App

New Sonos Queue Issue w/ Spotify App






(iPhone 7

Operating System

(iOS 12.1 (most updated version)


My Question or Issue

 I have a Sonos system and prefer to use the Spotify App instead of the Sonos App for my music. I recently noticed that when I have songs in the queue and when I try to click a song to play instantly, it doesn’t play that song and plays the next song in the queue. Almost as if I’m clicking the Next button.


I always liked this feature until this issue came up. I liked it because it doesn’t disrupt the queue and plays the song that I select instantly. I feel like this issue may have begun happening after the new iOS release, but not 100% sure. This issue only happens when connected to Sonos and hasn’t ever happened before.


Lastly, this issue only occurs in the Spotify App and doesn’t happen in the Sonos App. I prefer using the Spotify App for this, so hoping I don’t need to revert to using the Sonos App, as it’s not as favorable for personalizing.


Thank you for any help on this. Thinking it might be an IT issue more than anything.

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