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New better looking icon!!

New better looking icon!!

Hi there,

thanks to the developers I don't have any real problems with spotify. Neither on my Mac nor on my iPhone. So here comes my minor one, but I bet most of us are gonna be on my side on that one:


I'd like to have a better looking icon for the iOS app!! Please, I know you can't screw around with your corporate identity stuff all along, but since I'm not able to change the icon on my own (on my Mac I found a nice alternative on this deviantart-site) I'm begging you to redesign this strange green thing ;).


Thanks 😉

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Are you serious?! Why would anyone care what the icon looks like?! I can't believe you have posted this when there are major issues on the iphone app that desperately require urgent attention...


1. There is a major problem with the cache consuming all available disk space on the iphone.

2. The app frequently crashes.


I'm glad you're experience is so stupendously wonderful but most people have serious problems with the app at the moment. 

That icon is a little bit of our logo. Thanks for the feedback, however. We'll see what our designers say.

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I like it. And, as kemikkel said, there are a number of much more pressing issues with the app right now.

Yes I'd love a redesigned logo

I'd like to point out that the most recent update has a new icon (I was quite delighted with this unexpected upgrade), the differences are subtle but I noticed them almost immediately.


And to the whiners who claim that there are "more important things to fix": I'm a professional designer, trust me when I say that graphic designers don't fix those bugs, Creating a new icon in no way affects any bug fixes or further development of the platform. I've been dealing with this broken way of thinking for so many years playing online games. Graphical tweaks are handled by a different team than bug fixes 😕

Anyone who gets excited about a new icon in this app is probably a simpleton. Thanks for the lecture; but I already know the difference between a graphic designer and a developer since I work across both streams in my day job.

How does an appreciation of improved design and UI aesthetics make someone a "simpleton"? You clearly needed the lecture since you lack a clear understanding of how software development is facilitated. Designers do not fix bugs, thus, they are free to make graphical and UI updates as part of their regular workflow. Indeed, that's the very thing they get paid to do.

I liked the old icon.  I like the new one better.  Your point about different people working on different things is taken.  I think it just puts a bad taste in people's mouths when superflous things (logo) are updated if the core application is full of bugs, regardless of who does what.  Not saying that is the case here, since clearly there were a bunch of improvements made in this update, but that was the point of my original comment.

No harm, no foul 🙂 I realize and understand the frustration behind posts like that, but his sentiment is wrong. If there are bugs in the software (that aren't graphical) the developers are the ones who will be examining and attending to it, there should be no ill-will towards the innocent designers who's job it is to make the app look great (who are doing a great job, gold star for them).


Bottom line, it's wrong to lash out based on frustration regarding bugs, and on top of that, it's pretty off-topic for this specific conversation. The original poster was making a feature request that would very likely not take any time away from bug-fixes and application development.

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