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Next song doesn't automatically play (

Next song doesn't automatically play (





Subscription: United States

Usage: United Kingdom


iPhone X

Operating System

iOS 11.3.1 (15E302)

Spotify Version


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As of today, songs do not automatically skip to the next they end. It stays "playing" (play/pause icon shows the pause icon) with 0:00 seconds remaining, and I have to manually tap "next". This occurs both when the app is open in the foreground and when locked. I've rebooted my phone several times. Viewing the queue shows that there are indeed songs to be played – it just doesn't play them.

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First check, if the problem also occurs on other devices, or with another account to see, if your account or your device is the problem. Also try a clean reinstall of Spotify.

I’ve had the same problem on and off for years with various different iPhones. I’ve never found a reliable way to reproduce or solve it using just my phone including reinstalling, etc. It just seems to come and go. I recently got a Sonos One and switching to that from within the Spotify app seems to fix it. I’ve never had the problem on my Windows PC.

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