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No Podcasts showing up

No Podcasts showing up




Saudi Arabia


iphone 8, and pc.

Operating System

ios 14.


My Question or Issue

there is no podcasts appearing in the spotify app, or the spotify website.

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Hi @jelllo___0

Thank you for reaching out to the Community. Can you please send me a screenshot of your issue/problem. I would appreciate it. Thanks!

Looking out for your replies.


There is no option/tab for podcast, Ive reinstalled the app two times and also checked from pc. 

Hi There.

Would you mind sending me also another screenshot from your PC? I would appreciate it.

Screenshot (32).png

 here is the pc screenshot.


restart your device and if the problem still persists, try to delete and then reinstall the app 

Hi There.

So as I can tell right now Spotify hasn't added a feature yet where you can directly hit the Podcast button and it will go directly to your podcasts.

However, you can search your podcasts by Click Browser > Podcasts or Go Home > Scroll all the way down. You should be able to see your top podcasts.

If you think this is a feature you would like you can submit this idea and if you get enough Kudos, the Spotify team will look over it and see if they want to add it.

Hope this Helps.

Try making another account and if the problem isn't solved, it's a problem with your devices, not your account.

However, if it was solved, your account is the problem.

Apparently, Podcast service is not available on Spotify in the MENA region yet. Unfortunate.

It was a region related issue not account related.

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