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No cast icon on Spotify iphone or iPad

No cast icon on Spotify iphone or iPad

No cast icon on Spotify iphone or iPad even thou google home installed and setup of chrome cast audio is correct.


please help 

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Hey! 🙂

I'm here to help and sure we can fix this! Are you on the same WiFi-network with both devices? 

Yes same network. To be fair it was working , but now I notice on both ios device that the chrome cast option disappeared. AirPlay works fine 

Hm, that's weird! Could you try to reinstall the Spotify app?

  • Done already , still no progress 

Okay, could you please try to unlink your Spotify account from Google Home and add it back?

You can find the instructions to do so here:

Regret still not working?

Hi there ... right I think i have found out the issue ...

I bought my audio chrome cast adaptors from the US about 18months ago and they were working perfectly uptill the last firm wear update end of 2016.


Now I have a UK Premium Spotify account ... I am wondering if this is the issue ??


I read that now u need to have a chrome cast from the same area as your spotify account is registeredd ???? What i find odd however is that the chromecast for TV also fm the US is working fine.


Pleased to have your thoughts or suggestions


In case anyone else experience the same issue, I believe I have found the solution.
Spotify needs access to your local network, in order to find the Cast-compatible devices.

How to:
1. Go to Settings on your iPhone/iOS device.
2. In the top, search for "Spotify".
3. Turn on "Local Network" access.

Now you should be able to find your Cast-compatible devices in the Spotify app. If you have any speaker groups set up in the Google Home app, these should appear in the Spotify app, so you can Cast to multiple devices simultaneously. 

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