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No control of app while connected to car stereo.

No control of app while connected to car stereo.

When I connect my iPhone to my stereo via HDMI and Bluetooth (my stereo requires both simultaneously for navigation and other features) the Spotify app enters "docked mode" and simply displays the Spotify logo and I have to control everything from the head unit itself. If I disable Bluetooth the app will work like normal but I need Bluetooth for some other features to work. I don't have this issue in my friend's car when I use Spotify so there must be some way to fix this.
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fwiw, I had this same issue and re-installing the iOS Spotify app worked in my case.

I'm having the same issue which is extremely annoying because my car stereo (Kenwood Unit) does only have a simple display with limited usability functions, so it's almost impossible to browse thru Playlists or search for anything.


Same here, as soon my iPhone is connected thru Bluetooth to the Kenwood-Unit, the App only shows the Spotify-Logo.


We need a setting to disable that whole feature because in some cases (like mine) it makes using Spotify totally impossible

I have the same issue and would like the feautre as well

Me too i have the same problem, spotify please fix this, do something about it

I too am having the same problem! Get**bleep** together Spotify! This renders your app useless!

Same here - using a Kenwood car stereo on a boat. The head unit is on a remote location and the whole app is useless if I cant control it from my Iphone...

I just bought a Kenwood radio and the same thing happens to me.  Its like a overpowring saftey feature for when you get in the car and it sucks.  What if im parked and want to change the song? I cant access anything and doing it through the radio is so slow.  Please fix this Spotify!

I am having the same problem. Can’t  control the app on my phone when connected to the Kenwood deck via Bluetooth in my car. Very difficult to navigate through songs and artists because my display is limited. Renders Spotify app almost useless.  Works well with Apple Music app and I am thinking of changing over if it doesn’t get fixed soon. Please fix Spotify because I would like to stay with you. 

Same issue here, Kenwood car stereo, please fix it!!!

I went into system settings and disabled Spotify as a ‘source’. Worked for me. 

Same problem here please spotify your support

Sorry, how and where did you remove it as a source? 

I managed to do this. I had to do a complete reset and then on the initial start up when reset it takes you to the setup and i've managed to disable spotify.

I experienced the same issue on my Kenwood KMM-BT522HD.


I was able to resolve the issue by performing a factory reset on the headunit. When the headunit is turned on after a reset, I was able to adjust the inital settings. I could see in the manual for the stereo that Pandora, Iheartradio, and Spotify were all able to be individually turned on or off.


After turning Spotify off, when the headunit connects it uses the normal Apple USB setting. It is worth noting that it no longer showed any playlist or song title/artist. The factory reset will also wipe out all of your EQ/Presets/etc that you have configured and they will need to be reset. Totally worth it in my book.


The specifics may be different for your model, but hopefully the general process is similar. All in all, it took less than 5 minutes. If you get stumped, look online for the manual for your stereo. That should outline whether or not the app connections can be disabled.


Best of luck.


I didn't have to do a Hard Reset, I was able to turn off the Spotify
"automatic" connection so now I connect through the generic bluetooth
connection. Works well but yes you are correct I don't see any tracks on
the display. But I can control using my iPhone. So it works well. I'm
actually using it in a boat and I bought the Marine Dash Controller which
now only controls the volume, not the tracks but all and all it works.

Thanks for the help.

In my case, it was a simple fix. I have a JVC KW-V230BT  Stereo that I installed in my car, which supports Spotify Control. All I had to do was enter the system menu, and disable Spotify control in the head unit. This stopped the USB plug-in from recognizing Spotify specifically, and instead leaves the radio in iPhone/iPod mode. I can now use the app while connected via USB. 

Set radio to “Standby mode” acces the menu via the volume button. Go to source settings and disable Spotify control.


!! This only works in standby mode !!

Wow. Thank you so much. I went to my control on the DAB radio and turned off Spotify as a Source and it works. I can see the display on my phone again for Spotify 😀

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