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No songs in library

No songs in library

This new update is terrible. The options in my library are: playlists, artists (which is empty), and albums. Where did songs go? I only like a few songs off an album and would often put the songs from my library on shuffle and let it play. Now I can’t find 80%of my songs. I don’t want to make playlists. My library was my playlist. The reason I didn’t delete my account was so I wouldn’t lose all the songs I’ve saved but Spotify just lost them all with one update.







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Hey @Guy20, welcome to the Community.
Hope you're doing great!


Don't worry! You're saved songs are not gone. They can be found now in Your Library inside Favorite Songs.

Hope it helps 🙂

Yes but there was once an efficient system of organization based on artist. Instead it's either by album, playlist, or the inefficient mess that is by song. This change was needless and seriously compromised the quality of the service I'm paying for. 


Please restore the original navigation format of at least create an option to return to it so we can search our library by artist under the format that I was enjoying and happy to pay for as recently as a week ago. 


I do not want to cancel my service but may be forced to as the new navigation system is cumbersome and near useless to my needs. Please do not betray me as a customer.

The lastest update is horrible

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