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No tracks in clone of starred-playlist on iPhone

No tracks in clone of starred-playlist on iPhone

On the PC I've made a clone named "Starred 1" of the standard starred-playlist which contains the tracks of the original playlist in randomized order (~ 1400 titles, see 


Although the name "Starred 1" appears on my iPhone (Spotify app-version the playlist is empty ("0 tracks"). If I rename the playlist on the PC the new name will not be propagated to the iPhone. However, deleting the playlist on the PC will remove it from the iPhone too. All other playlists are O.K. both on PC and iPhone.


Any idea what's going on here?






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Found a limit when copying tracks from one playlist to another: if  more than ~ 330 tracks are copied in a single step, the target playlist will be filled correctly on the PC but the copied tracks will not show up on the iPhone. 


Therefore I've to copy the starred-playlist in chunks of 300 tracks to the new randomized one. By the way: I scramble (shuffle) the starred-playlist by this procedure:


1. select all tracks of the starred-playlist

2. copy them into

3. randomize the list

4. copy back the tracks into a new playlist in chunks of 300


This gives a much more better randomness than the original shuffle function provided by spotify.



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