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Normalize volume control?

Normalize volume control?

Will volume normalization ever be an option for iphone? I use my iphone to play spotify at work and in the car. The volume difference is intolerable. My clients jump every time a new songs is played. I purchased spotify premium solely for mobile use.


On head phones the volume difference is a bit smaller, still annoying, but workable because the volume buttons are within reach. On large speakers the volume difference is very large, and very unmanageable.


Will volume control ever be an option for the iphone app,? Or will I have to purchase a netbook to use in my car and at work?

3 Replies

Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


It has been suggested over on the Ideas Exchange here, which I would suggest you add your kudos to. 



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I totally agree with you. It's the same on the Roku channel as well,

I hope normalization happens very soon.

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