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Offline content won't synchronize all songs

Offline content won't synchronize all songs



I have spotify premium and i added some content from my own library. I am trying to sync these albums to my iphone but not all songs that i have in my playlists will sync to the iphone. On some playlists it is like 2 songs and others it only syncs 2 out of 9 songs. Also on my laptop the songs are another shade of grey then the rest of the song though they play normally when trying to. Any ideas ?

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Hey 🙂 


If those tracks you are trying to sync are local files, then you need to connect your phone and your computer to the same WiFi network and the tracks will be synced. There are full instructions here.



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Done that and still doesn't work. I've tried thousand times to sync my local files into my iphone and it just doesn't work. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. Is it a bug in the iOS app?

I am already connected on the same WIFI otherwise the other tracks wouldnt sync right? Why are the tracks greyed out on the PC app? I can play them normally on my PC but they won't sync (download) on my iphone/ipad.

Anyone? Support is not really helping out...


This sounds a little odd. Could you possibly post up a screenshot of the playlist you are trying to sync on your computer, and on your iPhone too?
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Here it is:


First a screenshot of my computer's playing one local file:




And here the screenshot from my iPhone, where I cannot sync the same song although the playlist is available offline


la foto(1).PNG


Hope it helps to find out why it doesn't work properly.



Okay - When connecting to the same wi-fi network, does your phone appear under the Devices menu on the left? (For the purposes of this exercise, "Doug" is playing the role of my phone.)


Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 20.20.02.png


I've managed to get local files synced by selecting the desired playlist on my phone and toggling the "Offline Playlist" option at the top. 

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Nop, altough I do have my iPhone connected to the same wifi as my computer. Is the any 'manual' way to add a device?

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