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Offline playlist partial song download

Offline playlist partial song download



I have subscribed premium option on my iPhone and selected playlists like "Best 100 songs", etc.

Going to the playlists, download of songs is ontly partial, for one playlist 24 out of 96, another one 50 out of 100... I've tried different playlists, resyncing... but always the same just an exclamation mark near these undownloaded song but no more information.


I'm wondering if this is because it's the first 30 day free subscription and after that period we can access all, if specific artists cannot be listened offline, or anything else...


Does anyone have an explanation ?


Thanks for all your help,


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I must add that I've got lots of memory left on iPhone and downloaded only around 300 songs so that cannot be the maximum song download limit.



That is weird, how much free memory is lots? 


Is your screen going to sleep when synching, Spotify will pause synching if the device goes into a low power state, hence why I always sync mine whilst plugged into the charger.

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