Offline playlists not syncing from Macbook Pro to iPhone 5s


Offline playlists not syncing from Macbook Pro to iPhone 5s


Hello Spotify community!


First, a quick look at my specs.


Mobile device: iPhone 5s running 9.02 IOS
Spotify version
Yes, I've followed the exact instructions on the Spotify website on how to sync a playlist.
Yes, I've done a clean reinstallation as described by Spotify's website.
My mobile network carrier is Sprint.
My sync quality is Normal and my stream quallity is Automatic.
My account is premium.
I have 4 gigs free on my phone.

Mac is running El Capitan version 10.11

Mac uses Spotify version


Now, the issue. 


Since two days ago, I have become absolutely unable to sync online playlist. I synced my first playlist on Sunday (two days ago) on a different, home network. On that same day, on that same network, I made an attempt to sync another playlist. It failed. I waited and came back to my university for the week. Of course, this is a totally different network from my network at home. Although I connected both of my devices to the network, it did not sync. So I selected the "sync over cellular" option. Didn't work even with perfect LTE with my phone open and on Spotify. The issue never changes. It says "Waiting to download." It never does.


It should be noted that I can download music that is on Spotify (like from their online selection).


I'll keep this page open. I have to drive quite a while through the great midwestern plains. Hopefully I get my music through spotify by then!


Attached is a photo of the issue.


EDIT 1: Added more information

EDIT 2: By the way, I see all these other posts. I hope I've provided more information than the others.

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Re: Offline playlists not syncing from Macbook Pro to iPhone 5s

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Rock Star 24

Are these local files that aren't on Spotify? (local files that you have on your computer and want to sync to the Spotify iOS app?)

People have had problems using public WiFi such as from a college because it is a shared network and they might have filters or things placed on the network that might allow the sync to not work properly. 


If you are syncing local files from your computer, these have to by synced over WiFi, not cellular data. I would suggest to try a different WiFi network if you can to see if that helps. Otherwise I'm not sure what else could be the problem if you are following the instructions. Also make sure you have enough space available on your iPhone.

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