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Offline playlists

Offline playlists

I have problem with my iPhone spotify app. When i try to download a playlist to be able to play offline nothing happens!

The playlist doesn't even appear in my playlists even though I know I made it! It only appears in my latest played.

And if I somehow get another playlist to be able to play offline, it will stop playing after a while (this is not wifi).
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Hey @SimonAndersson! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


That sounds not nice.

Do you've tried to reinstall your app ? This may solve your issue.

Here's a tutorial for a clean reinstallation. ^



I ran into this issue as well!  Just recently updated to the latest version and now my offline playlists won't "offline" showing a status of "Waiting for Download"!  Also for some reason my playlist orders changed as well!  What is going on with this version?

I was searching for answers to this problem, apparently I'm not the only one. But, if I listen to a song from the particular playlist, that song does go offline! Ofcourse that's not the way you want it to work, wait 5 hours until your playlist is fully available offline... Hope anyone can help!

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