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Offline saved Albums aren't displaying

Offline saved Albums aren't displaying


I got a huge problem which makes spotify unenjoyable on my iPhone. Every time after my mobile data is slowed down by my provider, I can't listen to my saved albums (& artists) anymore - the app still displays them and the green arrow is also there, but when I Click on a certain Album the List stays empty.

I already tried reinstalling, relogging and downloading everything again - no improvements. Offline saved PLAYLISTS still show the Tracklist. I got an iPhone 6 64gb running the latest iOS and the latest spotify build. This problem wasn't there in the past but it's been bothering me for around 2-3 months now... (and I'm using spotify for years now...)

I would be glad if you can help me out with this. It's really frustrating to go out in the morning suddenly realising u can't listen to ur music. If this Problem can't be solved I'm afraid I have to cancel my subscription 😳

Thanks in advance for ur help guys🙃
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I have the exact same problem on my Iphone 6 

Whenever i don't have an internet connection available the Album list stays empty.

My custom playlists work fine though.

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