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Old UI Appearing Then Disappearing

Old UI Appearing Then Disappearing






iPhone 7 Plus

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iOS 12.2.2 / Spotify


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After installing Spotify from the iTunes store, my library is displayed using the old UI. However when attempting to view Playlists, Albums, or Artists, I receive an Error Message. After restarting the app, though, the library looks completely different. Screenshots are below.

My Library after a clean installMy Library after a clean installError message when clicking "Albums"Error message when clicking "Albums"My Library after restarting the appMy Library after restarting the app

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You are not alone, you are now enjoying the new go screw yourself view Spotify has pushed through to thousands of paying customers. I cancelled my subscription, moved to Apple Music. Spotify support gives you the finger longtime if you complain. 


Good luck.

This is what I was afraid of... Thank you for the response. I have already spoke my mind and voted on that thread. I had a sliver of hope in me that the old UI was making a come back and this was the beginning. I have also canceled and moved to Apple Music but my Spotify Premium expires April 11. Until then, I will hang on to hope.

I do not understand your fears I wish I had the new design.

Probably depends on how you interact with the application. For me the missing categories have made the app useless, hope you get yours updated soon then! And thanks for your useless comment!

You seem to be a very friendly person

Well thank you, let’s be best friends!

The new design has a lot of wasted space. Additionally, the artist and album tabs lack the alphabet on the right hand side of the screen requiring you to scroll down to the first letter of the artist you are trying to listen to. Yes, you can simply search but having the option to jump to a specific letter is helpful. Example below:



You‘re right, maybe they will add this feature later, hopefully. 

Its like a car manufacturer released a remodeled vehicle and stripped it of common accessories such as air conditioning, leaving the consumer thinking, "Man, I hope the add air conditioning to the next model!" This whole new UI update seems to be simply poorly executed and planned out. 

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